Welcome to my website of odds-n-ends...LeftoversAgain.com

The original intent of this website was to be a learning tool throughout my college and professional career. While that still continues, I wanted this to start becoming more of a place where I can share some of my personal content. With that in mind, I threw out my old website and started building a new one that is more content focused. To get an idea of what you might find, some of my interests include video games, movies, photography, programming, and simply being outdoors in nature. Hopefully you will enjoy what I have to share!

Personal Photography

Here you will find my personal photography collection, whether that be from vacations or just what I find in my own backyard.

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Video Game Photos

As a person that loves playing video games and taking pictures with my DSLR, one of my (new) favorite types of games to play are those with photo-mode features built in. Take a look at the photos I captured from these games.

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Check out my YouTube channel to see random video game clips I've recorded over the year. It could be anything from an incredibly unbelievable stunt to a plain old wacky encounter.

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Come check out where I speak into a vacuum.

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Twitch Streaming

Occasionally, you can find me streaming PS4 video games on Twitch (PSN: GGooseBanner). I tend to play either FPS or third-person action/adventure games, but still love a good racing or flight game.

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If you'd like to check out what music I'm jamming out to, take a look at my Spotify profile.